7/9/12 swim workout

Join me!
7pm Grandview Pool

1)  2 rds for time
50 kick (kickboard)
25 underwater, 1-0 breaths
50 pull (pull bouy)
25 underwater, 1-0 breaths
50 swim
25 underwater, 1-0 breaths

2) 2 rounds for time
IM sprint

50 butterfly
rest 30 seconds
50 backstroke
rest 30 seconds
50 breast
rest 30 second
50 free
rest 30 seconds
*try not to let round 2 be less than 5 seconds of round 1


Swim WOD

I think I am going to start doing swim workouts every Monday night during the summer after the WOD. Here is a great link to some swimming workouts.

Make your own, have some fun! Or you can do mine with me.

Here’s what I plan to do tonight. Sounds fun and challenging:

Warm up:
150 swim
100 kick
100 pull

A)  5 rds for time
20 squats
50 meter kick
10 burpees
50 meter swim
~cashout: 30 deep end muscle ups (pull yourself completly up from underwater and lock dip out)

B)  8 min brick dive challenge
Score is total number of times you can get the brick from the bottom of the deep end and bring it out of the water
*every 2 minutes you have to take the brick from deep end to shallow and back without touching the ground.