WHOLE 30 rd3

“This is new and shiny right now. No one struggles to play with their new shiny toys and abandon their old ones, not matter how much they love the old one. That’s why we are doing this for 12 weeks, not 30 days. After 8-9 weeks, there will come a time when it’s not so shiny, a time when someone tells you ‘just live a little’ and you will think they are right, a time when it’s just annoying and a time when you’re really going to just want fucking pancakes.”

I have an awesome, dedicated group of 12 CrossFit athletes I was assigned to coach through their 12 week Paleo challenge. Most of them have barely cheated at all, educating themselves, getting in the gym, taking initiative and are making all kinds of lifestyle changes. I was jealous.

 My shit’s not shiny. I was bored, hungry and pissed off that after 2ish years of 90%ish Paleo, I was struggling. I know the rules, I know the tricks. I’ve read the books. And I’m giving really good advice I’m not following. Again…

Time for a whole 30. No cheats, not treats, no food as a reward. No added anything to food if it’s not for nutritional value. No junk food with decent ingredients. Nothing I don’t nutritionally need. No emotional eating. Food is only fuel.

Well, I got my shiny back! I have no gray areas. I don’t waste time and energy on what I should or should not eat. I have recognized weaknesses I didn’t realize I have or have reestablished. I have addictions. Bad habits. And I, once again, feel stronger than I thought I was. This is my 3rd whole 30. The second time was a whole 90…funny how I didn’t really care too much to stop after the whole 90. I, actually, went about 97 days for no reason, before I ate ice cream and beer with my best friend one night.

I suggest everyone do a whole 30 at some point in their life. You are, statistically, going to live some 30,000 days of your life; you can go 30 without treating yourself. I guarantee you’ll learn things about yourself you never knew.

Biggest diet advice coming from the very “experienced” dieter:
No gray area. Make a plan and stick to it. It’s only hard to say no if yes is a consideration.


One thought on “WHOLE 30 rd3

  1. God. This was so hard to read. Please understand that these are NOT at all my current viewpoints. It’s hard to believe how much I can change in 5 years. And scary to wonder what I’ve got completely wrong now. I learned a lot from this process, and I won’t be ashamed that I went through it. So I will not hide this blog.

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