One of the most common first sentences of emails I receive is “I know this is corny but…”

The concept of corny doesn’t exist. Corny is just honest, but with fear of judgment.
How about instead of avoiding things that are corny, you avoid things that are judgmental.



In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan

The End of Overeating, David Kessler

Good Calories, Bad Calories, Gary Taubes

Red Queen, Matt Ridley

Body by Science, Doug McGuff

Becoming a Supple Leopard, Kelly Starrett

Primal Body, Primal Mind, Nora Gedgaudas

Primal Blueprint, Mark Sisson

It Starts with Food, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig

Paleo Diet for Athletes, Loren Cordain

Wheat Belly, William Davis

Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies and the Truth About
Reality, Brad Warner

Fasting Experiences


Fasting, outside of the metabolic benefits, is good for the psyche too. Like everything I blog about, I learned this from my own experience.

I learned that we, as humans, tend to freak the fuck out when we are hungry. I know I do. Being hungry sucks. But it’s really OK to be hungry, it’s normal. And the worry, the fear, the “OMG I have low blood sugar, I’m in a catabolic state, my stomach is growling, I need to get something to hold me over”, is just you being dramatic. I promise, you’ll be alright.

Do you really think that caveman were able to satisfy their hunger immediately all the time? Do you think they woke up with available bacon every morning?  Do you think they got a snack to “hold them over” until dinner? Do you think they had a guaranteed dinner every night? Do you think that the fishing/hunting was any easier for them because they had a hard workout that day?

I know, I know. Mr. Caveman probably didn’t look at a tree log on the ground and think “hm…I think I’m going to thrust this 21 times, and then pull my body up over this tree and then do it again 15 times and then 9 times and not stop until I vomit or die” I get it. Competitive athletes should eat more than caveman did, but you still should eat like a human.

I have been struggling with skipping breakfast on weekends and days when I don’t have to go directly to work upon waking up. I wake up and I want breakfast. That has been my schedule for 24 years. So last week I took a day off work and had to fast until 2 pm so I could get my blood taken to test my cholesterol. I woke up about 6 like normal and wanted bacon, like normal. I started to search for a justification to have bacon. Anything, anything…common there has to be some reason TODAY is the day I break my rules and eat bacon right when I wake up. But I remembered I HAD to fast. It wasn’t even my choice. At this point I was relieved, no guilt, no decisions, no consequences, no excuses, no failed diet, no deprivation, just no…and bacon…at 3 pm like I was supposed to do. I made it just fine without my breakfast.

Do you ever wonder why people who are diagnosed with severe allergies and will die from peanuts usually don’t have any problem not eating peanuts, although peanut butter addicts just can’t seem to break the habit?

Stop giving your willpower a choice. Don’t walk into work, see doughnuts on the table and look for a reason why it’s ok. Just don’t even think about it. I promise you’ll be ok.

Hunger pains and sugar cravings are a lot alike. And both go away if you ignore them.

Habits, good or bad, are hard to break. The more you say no the easier it becomes and the more you make excuses to make it ok the harder it becomes to even recognize the excuse. Relieve yourself from the pressure of failure. Just avoid it and do what you should, when you should. Whatever that may be.

Act like a human

Your résumé may say you are a architect, CEO or trash man, but your DNA; the cells that fuel your entire body and everything you are and every process that happens in your entire body only know you as a Homo Sapian. You are a fucking human!

I will never understand how anyone denies the primal way of life. It’s doing what your body has been designed to do. Your genes are exactly the same as they were millions of years ago. Yes Jesus ate bread 2,000 years ago but in the grand time frame of how long it took you, your body, to become a perfect human, to develop perfect human DNA, is millions of times longer than 2,000 years.  It is such a small, significant amount of time (the Jesus and eating bread time frame in human history), in fact that it is exactly why our bodies haven’t evolved to be able to accommodate the sugar and gluten and trans fat and shit we keep putting in it that causes chronic inflammation and is killing us and making us fat.  I really think we will all die from heart disease and diabetes before that starts to happen anyway.

Look at your teeth; they are the teeth of an omnivore. You have teeth for meat and vegetables. That hasn’t changed. You sweat when you’re hot and you shiver when you’re cold, that hasn’t changed. Your body hasn’t just stopped doing these things because we have air conditioning and clothing now. We’ve actually had clothing for a long time, longer than Jesus even. Weird. You get flight or fight hormones released even though we aren’t really fighting or fleeing all too much anymore, etc, etc. I promise you, you are still a human, and you should act like one.

Acquired Taste


One of the many things I hear my clients regularly say that makes me want to punch something is “We don’t like water.” How do you not LIKE water?!?! It doesn’t taste like anything. You’re a HUMAN! You drink water. But let’s be real, it’s not that you don’t like the taste of water, you just like the taste of Mountain Dew better.

I have clients tell me all the time that their child will eat chicken nuggets but doesn’t “like” baked or grilled chicken. I have even heard that they love McDonald’s but don’t “like” Wendy’s chicken nuggets. How much do you want to bet the kid just likes the toy at McDonald’s better?

Trying new foods can be legitimately kind of scary. And to a child every food is new.  And almost every time you try something new (unless it is a new kind of ice cream) you are probably not going to like it. Especially if it fails to meet your expectations of what it is going to taste like.  And food eaten with a biased tongue is always gross…hence th e children who don’t like Wendy’s chicken nuggets.

When I first tried almond milk I didn’t like it as much as cow’s milk and unsweetened almond milk took some effort to acquire a taste for too. Now I don’t mind it. But now I don’t even need it. Now it’s a treat.

I was a Splenda and milk whore in my coffee every morning. You can ask any of my co-workers.  I put like 5 Splenda and a quarter of my cup was milk. I slowly transitioned to Truvia (someone said it was better) and almond milk, to Truvia and unsweetened almond milk, to just unsweetened almond milk, to coconut milk, to unsweetened coconut milk to just black coffee.  I used to want so badly to like black coffee, back in the Splenda whore days. I remember trying it and being so grossed out.   But I made an effort to and now I do. Now, every time I order black coffee it’s a little victory.

I acquired a taste for pure, unsweetened chocolate. It doesn’t taste anything like a Hershey’s bar. And the first time I ate it, I literally gaged, expecting something else I associated with chocolate.  But it’s so yummy with some raw almonds.  I love it now.

I used to be a ketchup whore, too. I switched to lower sugar ketchup, which was really expensive, so I started making my own with cherry tomatoes and vinegar,which was very time consuming and annoying. So one day I skipped it and my eggs were fine without it. Now I don’t mind the lack of sweetness with my eggs, hamburger meat, whatever. I acquired a taste for it. And I stopped acting like a child wanting a treat.

You are not a child. We are all spoiled. Food is fuel. Nutrition should be the number one reason we make food selections. Not flavor.  It’s fine to eat meals that are fine. Not every meal has to be covered in your favorite flavors. Try new things, try them again. Stop adding bad shit to good shit. Something that tastes fine and gives your body what it needs is fuel. A meal that has extra shit added to make it taste better is a treat.

How often are you treating yourself?