Sport vs. Fitness

They say, as CrossFitters, we train to be really good at anything, not great at anything. But really, we are training to be great at something…CrossFit. We wouldn’t be athletes, and CrossFit wouldn’t be a sport if we weren’t training to be great at it.

CrossFit is just broader of a sport than some other sports. That doesn’t make it any better. It’s all a compromise.

I would argue that my fitness regimen is better than yours (but that’s a different story), my training, for my sport, is goal oriented. And I want to be great at CrossFit. I want to be great at my sport.

And a fitness regimen is different than an athlete training for a sport.

That’s what’s cool about CrossFit, It takes people who just want to work out and turns them into athletes….if that’s their goal. If not, they are cool people doing cool workouts. Which is cool.

I used to have a goal of a 400 pound back squat. I could get there. I could train and eat a lot more and be able to rest more without focusing on the other things I am training for right now. But I’m not, because my sport is CrossFit. I gave up my goal for a different goal. Not any better or worse, just different.

I have a friend who is a professional basketball player. Basketball is her sport. She trains CrossFit to stay in shape and have some fun. She recently competed at her first CrossFit competition, and did really good. She knows if she quit basketball and focused on CrossFit she could be great, but that’s not her goal. She is compromising something for something else.

I registered for an indoor triathalon October 14th.
I registered for a weightlifting meet October 20th.
I am doing the GORUCK challenge November 10th.
I registered for the North of the Border Powerlifting meet in Cincinatti December 1st.

I am actually looking for a sanctioned strongman to do too.

I am not training for any of these, at all, outside of normal CrossFit programming. I am going to keep training the best I can to achieve my goal and then when it comes time for these activities, give it my best shot. I am doing these for fun, and to gain experiences.

 I have actually been focusing more on my endurance and skills than I have been strength, as these are my weaknesses in my sport. This will not change.  

 Last year, I was registered for the same powerlifting meet as I am this year, but with an elite raw total as my goal. It’s nice to go into it this year with no pressure.  I am excited and nervous to see what this meet brings, and to hopefully still get an elite raw total. But if not, I bet I will have learned something cool.


The fuck it bucket

Be wary of what you are putting in the fuck-it-bucket. The fuck-it-bucket is an excuse to excuse something you have no excuse for.

Congrats. You’ve recognized that you are making an excuse, and that it is invalid. But saying “I just don’t care” is a lie. You care. If you didn’t care you wouldn’t want to justify it.

The fuck-it-bucket is deep. It’s hard to get out of, and easy to keep putting stuff into. If you find yourself there, get out, and DO IT NOW!( .  Don’t think because you fucked up yesterday or you haven’t seen progress in a month that you won’t or can’t.

There is always better. No matter how bad it is better is always just a little bit above where you are at. So don’t ever surrender to the bucket.

Good and Bad People

I was running errands with a friend yesterday and I see him sneak a Payday into his pile of healthy food in the grocery store. He looked at me, disappointed I noticed. “You’re not going to judge me, are you?”

Most don’t ask. Most just assume. Some people think I judge them because they don’t work out at all, while some people think I judge them because they work out at a globo gym. Some people think I judge them because they go to CrossFit recreationally and have fun and get a good workout but don’t push themselves to 100%.

I used to follow the food guide pyramid; I used to globo gym and partial squatted the hell outta that Smith machine. I used to make excuses. I used to, hypocritically, eat shit I would tell people not to eat. I still do. I’m working on it. I’m getting better.

I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to eat whole wheat crackers like it’s my job. I didn’t realize I was making excuses. It doesn’t make me bad. It makes me uneducated. I am now obsessed with educating myself. But I’m pretty sure there is a whole lot of shit I still don’t know. I learned, this past weekend, on top of a lot of other things, that I’ve certainly got a lot to learn. What else am I doing wrong? What excuses am I still making? People who don’t go to the gym at all aren’t lazy any more than you are because you skipped your mobility last week, or you cheated on your diet. The junk food you ate, hate to break it to you, but regardless of if you are trying to manipulate body fat or not, that’s not giving 100%. That’s fine. I’m not judging you, I promise. I’m just saying it’s all relative, and you’re not any better than anyone else. Weakness is universal. Intensity is relative. We are human. No one is perfect. No one gets to know everything. Get off your high horse.

There are no good or bad people, only good and bad choices.

Never, never, ever give up on someone. Absolutely, especially yourself.

Every single person has the potential to be amazing.

CrossFit community gets a lot of slack about Kool-aid. I was worried about Kool-aid when I started drinking the Paleo Kool-aid because I want to do what is right. Not what everyone else is doing. Kool-aid  is conformity, and we all drink it. I try to flirt with the devil. I try to read anti-Paleo, vegetarian, whatever- articles and books.  If I just read Paleo books I’m not going to learn about anything but Paleo, right? But the problem is, I cannot read it with unbiased eyes. I spent the entire time thinking “this is so stupid, I am so smarter than these people. We are so right and they are so wrong.”

It’s my firm belief that one can prove whatever they want to prove with an experiment and write an article about it. Were so biased. We seek out information that confers with what we want. And we are so flawed. We are humans. There is such a big margin of error with anything you research.

I drink CrossFit/ Paleo Kool-aid. You drink Strongman and carb back loading Kool-aid. You drink P90x Kool-aid. You drink food-guide pyramid Kool-aid. You drink partial squats on the Smith machine Kool-aid. It’s all the same. One might be more right than others, but who knows? And maybe someone who is drinking the “wrong” kool-aid just isn’t educated enough; hasn’t had the experience/opportunities to drink the “right” Kool-aid. Maybe someone gave up on them.  It doesn’t make them a bad person.


Those of you who know me know I am an open book and like to talk a lot. But I have always been kind of quiet about my diet. It’s always been a struggle, one of many in my life, maybe my biggest. Definitely the most mental strength I have ever learned about myself has come from my dieting. It’s the same as the mental strength you learn in the gym, only different.

“I’m gonna blow this workout if I don’t pick up the bar right now…but it hurts, and I wanna stop.”
Do you go through the motions and just go for a finish, take a few more breaths and settle for mediocrity or do you pick it up and kill it? Whatever you do you have to do it now.

One of the biggest excuses I am learning I allow myself to have is thinking I’ll do better next time.  “I’m going for survival. Next workout I’ll kill it.” But then tomorrow it’s the same, or a different excuse. Maybe “I have low blood sugar, it’s this new diet, my hands are ripped, I didn’t sleep well last night, I’m not mentally there”…whatever. There are endless excuses you can give yourself to postpone doing what you have to do NOW.  But it will never be anything but now.

You know that person you keep trying to get to come to the gym. They talk about wanting to be better, look better, feel better… whatever, but they are afraid to start. They keep saying when I do this or after that. You’re not any different than them if you’re not pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

But that’s a workout and then it’s over. I’m working on that. I am. And I am working on my diet. A diet that starts tomorrow is nothing. Put down that doughnut you are eating right now. Don’t even finish it…unless of course this doughnut is in your diet plan, then whatever.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to start. You will most likely spend today celebrating (eating doughnuts) the fact that your strict diet starts tomorrow. It’s a lifestyle. Give up shit that is contradictive to whatever you want to achieve and do it NOW.

I say this as I come down from an episode of “celebrating” after a couple weeks of successful lifestyle dietary changes that I want to pursue for the rest of my life. I’m not perfect.  I get it now, at least. I at least can take responsibility. I am empowered. I start now…again.

Part of living in the present means not living in the past either. Every bad workout and every time you “cheat” on your diet, it is the past. Don’t punish yourself with less calories or extra workouts.  Just do what you need to do NOW and you will never have to stress about then or tomorrow again.